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”James’ work takes you on a journey around the world.  He has a beautiful way of capturing the people of any country he travels to with grace, respect and empathy.  I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside James and his passion and excitement for photography is infectious.  His dedication does not stop after taking a photo, he also has perfected his post processing and printing.  The results are always stunning. “


Photographer, NYC

"Outstanding man and awesome talent!  He and his wife are such a great team!  Love the work that inspires the beauty of God and humanity!"


"Incredible.  Creative.  An incredibly talented artist.  Love his work."


"We just had the sincere pleasure of meeting James at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival in Miami Florida.  We purchased a piece for our home and we couldn’t be happier.  A true artist."


“James Cole’s photographs have a soulfulness that is hard to find. It is not sufficient to call him a “photographer”. James is a Master Artist with a complete command of his medium and his visual language.


We each encounter thousands of images every day. Most are consumable, and they leave few signs of their passing. Very few penetrate our hearts and imprint themselves on us. James’ work has that rare quality. It can be powerful and bold, commanding your attention. It can also be quietly intimate, reaching out to you as it whispers its secrets. It meets you where you are, always revealing unturned corners and new depths.


Experiencing James’ work firsthand is not something likely to be forgotten.“


International Award-Winning Photographer and Educator

“I feel tremendously moved by James Cole’s beautiful black and white imagery of Cuba. The pictures are both powerful and touching, giving me a sense that I have actually been transported to the places he has captured with his camera.”


Beauty Photographer, NYC

"James’ is a talented photographer that took my idea for a series of photographs and turned it into a wonderful piece of art fitting perfectly in our home. Extremely creative and cooperative, he is a joy to work with.”


Wife of Chicago Mayoral Candidate, Gery Chico

"Wanna start saying that next to a great man there its a great woman and the combination of Kathy and James its prove of that. As a Filmmaker and Cinematographer I have almost never had the time and chance to wock with still photography till James came along. What a blast meeting and worcking lighting up the dreams of such a wonderful person with the eye of a sniper and the heart of  giant gummy bear. Results are there to be shown but the energie, the creativity and the heart are things that you can only experience once you work with him on set. Will I do it again? Heck! Am just waiting for a phone call!..."


Filmmaker, cinematographer

"Imagery captured by travel and fine art photographers takes the viewer to many places many would otherwise discover and enjoy. In the fine art realm, the photographer/visual artist shares a unique vision of the scene presented. Most photographers either provide  provide either a sense of being in the place captured or share the unique perspective of the scene shared. Rarely does the photographer provide both. Such is the imagery of James M. Cole. His photography provides both a sense of 'being there' in his travel images including providing his unique perspective where he captures a scene with a personalized vision. Having both of these qualities separate James' work from others in that he does a great job of communicating his artistic perspective in his work. James has a fine collection of travel and fine art images- his work would be a welcome addition to anyone's home or business art collection!"


Visual Artist

"Ha sido increíble conocer y trabajar con James y Katy aquí en la Habana. Me sentí muy cómoda con ellos, porque son tan profesionales y serios con el trabajo fotográfico como amistosos y amables.

Me encantaron las locaciones que seleccionaron , así como el diseño de vestuario y de luces. Una de las cosas que más me gusta de trabajar con ellos es que te permiten ser tu mismo y cooperar con tu creatividad!!"


Ballerina, Cuba, The Cuban National Ballet School, Fernando Alonso

"Absolutely stunning, you just want to walk into one and live there."


"There's something about being around James that is contagious.  The creative ideas and honest, inexplicable wonder emanates the atmosphere.  When you share an experience with him, you truly see the world differently."


Owner, MOD Media Productions

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