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A New Normal

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

It seems during these times, the only certain thing is that we are uncertain. Everyday there is good news and bad news and good news again. One thing is for sure, it is our time as artists, as the great communicators to get to work.

So what does that look like for a travel photographer? I refuse to see this as a block in the road, but more an opportunity to find new paths. While international travel is limited now, it might be time to look for the stories in your own back yard. And boy are they plentiful.

The human spirit is something that shines through our lens, and now more than ever, we need the look in each other's face for understanding, comfort and support.

I encourage you, take a look around your neighborhood, your city, your state, and approach the world with wide open arms. Capture those stories that are critical to be heard now. Share. Support. Love. Create.

James McArthur Cole

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